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We provide professional interpretation of any language, complexity and field of negotiations!

In our translation agency, you can order both consecutive and simultaneous translation for:

  • conferences and seminars
  • business negotiations
  • presentations and meetings
  • business forums and seminars
  • telephone conversations

as well as issue of documents by notaries

Our interpreters, who provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, are qualified specialists with successful work experience both in Ukraine and abroad.

Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpretation when the speaker makes short pauses to let the interpreter interpret the information said. Such interpretation is used for meetings with a small number of participants, where no additional equipment is required.

Simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult type of interpretation performed by highly qualified interpreters. Such interpretation is spoken simultaneously with the speaker. For simultaneous interpretation, interpreters need special equipment (sound-proof cabins) and the rest of the participants need headphones. Owing to such equipment, the participants can hear both the speaker and the interpreter at the same time.

You can order translation or quoting,

and our project managers will contact you.