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Economic translation

Professional, fast and high-quality translation no matter where in the world you are!

We assign translation of economic, financial and business texts to translators with economic education only, who have perfect knowledge of specific terminology.

Our free courier will come to you to take your documents for translation and will later deliver them to you translated!

We provide fast and high-quality translation of:

economic and financial literature;
financial reports and auditors conclusions;
business plans and estimating examinations;
bank documents, agreements of lease, loan;
tender documentation;
accounting reports, bank documentation;
customs and declaration documents;
investment projects, catalogues, etc.;
documents accompanying imported goods for submission to certification and customs authorities;
highly specialized texts in the following fields: audit, finance, insurance, etc.;

Depending on the situation and authority where the documents are to be submitted to, translation of such documents requires either official certification by the translation agencys seal or notarization. Our translators signatures are registered in state and private notary offices, therefore we can immediately provide you with certified translation.

Our translations can also be legalized and an Apostille stamp can be placed on them by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Main and Regional Departments of Justice and by consular departments of foreign embassies in Ukraine.

Our specialists perform interpretation at:

business meetings and negotiations with representatives of large companies;
consulting with foreign experts in various financial and economic fields;
meetings with foreign partners;
signing legal documents by a notary.

You can order translation or quoting, and our project managers will contact you.

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