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Written translation

Professional fast and high-quality translation – no matter where in the world you are!


We do not charge extra payment for complexity or rare subject of translation
Our prices include scanning and layout
Each translation undergoes a double check: Translator –> Editor –> Proofreader
We are able to translate any texts owing to a large number of our expert translators each of whom specializes in his/her specific field
We offer a flexible system of discounts depending on the size of the order
For our permanent clients – payment upon delivery

We work with texts of any size: from 1 line to hundreds of pages.

Written translation:

economic, legal and financial literature;
contracts, agreements;
financial reports, accounting, bank documents;
business plans, constitutional and incorporation documents;
quality certificates; customs and declaration documents;
investment projects, catalogues;
technical documents and manuals for equipment of any type and level of complexity;
highly specialized texts in the following fields:
audit, finance, insurance, law, telecommunications, information technology, engineering, home appliances, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, food industry, oil/gas, social sciences, environment, energy, etc.;
presentations, fictional, journalistic, scientific, advertising texts;
business and personal correspondence (confidentiality of correspondence is guaranteed).

EKSLENG TRANSLATION AGENCY has modern computers and peripheral equipment which allow to make translated documents look just like the original source documents, with full preservation of the original editing, tables, figures, etc. We support all major formats of electronic documents. When requested by client, we can perform scanning and graphic processing of schemes, drawings, pictures or photos required for preparing a translation.

Our company also provides a wide range of services on notarization and legalization of translated documents.

You can order translation or quoting, and our project managers will contact you.

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