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Medical translation

Professional fast and high-quality translation – no matter where in the world you are!

For translation of medical texts, we involve translators with medical education only who know specific terminology well.

Our free courier will come to you to take your documents for translation and will later deliver them to you translated!

We provide fast and high-quality translation of:

clinical studies, CPP (certificates of pharmaceutical products), GMP (good manufacturing practice and quality control of medicines)
documents for drug registration
documents for medical equipment and instruments
medical certificates, excerpts from medical card (histories), surgical reports
scientific articles, reports and presentations, scientific medical literature, theses
documents in biology, psychology, dentistry, surgery, chemistry and other fields

Our translation agency offers translation of texts in various branches of medicine:

pharmacology endocrinology
immunology dentistry
biochemistry genetics
cardiology toxicology
oncology cytology
surgery anatomy

as well as in the fields of chemistry, biology, veterinary medicine, etc.

Our specialists do medical interpreting at:

business meetings and negotiations with representatives of large medical and pharmaceutical companies;
consulting with foreign experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology;
meetings with foreign partners.

You can order translation or quoting, and our project managers will contact you.

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