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Official certification

Fast and professional translation of documents no matter where in the world you are!

Depending on the situation and authority where the documents are to be submitted to, translation of documents may require official certification by the translation agencys seal. Such certified translation of documents is required for submission of documents to state and foreign institutions, banks, customs or to any other authority where no notarys certification of translation is required.

Our free courier will come to you to take your documents for translation and certification and will later deliver them to you translated and certified!

Many institutions demand neither notarization nor legalization of translated documents. For them, it is enough to place the official translation agencys seal only, which confirms that the translation is correct and made by an independent organization. This procedure is used to certify correctness of translation.

When official certification of translation is not enough, we provide notarization. Our translators signatures are registered in state and private notary offices, therefore we can immediately provide you with certified translation.

We can provide fast, high-quality translation and proper legalization of the following documents:

marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate, marital status certificates;
police certificates (non-conviction certificates);
passport, ID card, driving license, pension certificate;
applications and powers of attorney for children travelling abroad;
employment record books, employment certificates;
powers of attorney and documents for issue of powers of attorney authorizing conduct of transactions in other countries;
diplomas, secondary education certificates, annexes, certificates of current study;
income certificates, salary certificates, employment certificates, etc.;
powers of attorney or other documents for purchase/sale;
students examination grade book, certificates of completing a course or other educational institutions
court decisions and extracts from court decisions;
certificates from banks and the pension fund;
academic and archival certificates;


We can obtain for you a police certificate, provide nostrification of your education documents, legalize, place an Apostille stamp on your documents and do anything required for their proper execution.

We can also provide legalization of our translations and placing an Apostille stamp on them by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Main and Regional Departments of Justice and by consular departments of foreign embassies in Ukraine.

You can order translation or quoting, and our project managers will contact you.

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