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Fast and professional translation of documents – no matter where in the world you are!

Price (UAH incl.VAT) Price (euroincl.VAT)
Written translation from German into Russian/Ukrainian 66,00 2,64
Written translation from Russian/Ukrainian into German 66,00 2,64
Consecutive interpretation into German 250,00 10,00
Simultaneous interpretation into German 500,00 20,00

The above prices for written translation are given for a standard page of 1860 characters.

The price for translation includes scanning and layout of drawings, charts and graphs, proofreading and editing. A completed translation is delivered in a printed and electronic form. At client’s request, the translation may be sent by fax, e-mail or delivered by a courier to an office in Kiev (free of charge).

 We can also certify translations with our official seal (free of charge), notarize, legalize or place an Apostille stamp at the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Main and Regional Departments of Justice and foreign consulates in Kiev.

You can use any convenient method to pay for our services.

You can order translation or quoting, and our project managers will contact you.

We work with texts of any size: from 1 line to hundreds of pages.

Written translation:

economic, legal and financial literature;
contracts, agreements;
financial reports, accounting, bank documents;
business plans, constitutional and incorporation documents;
quality certificates; customs and declaration documents;
investment projects, catalogues;
technical documents and manuals for equipment of any type and level of complexity;
highly specialized texts in the following fields:
audit, finance, insurance, law, telecommunications, information technology, engineering, home appliances, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, food industry, oil/gas, social sciences, environment, energy, etc.;
presentations, fictional, journalistic, scientific, advertising texts;
business and personal correspondence (confidentiality of correspondence is guaranteed).

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for work for:

conferences and seminars
business negotiations
presentations and meetings
business forums and seminars
telephone conversations as well as issue of documents by notaries.

The interpreters, which provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, are qualified specialists with successful work experience both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our company also provides a wide range of services on notarization and legalization of translated documents:

notarization of translation
placing an Apostille stamp on documents of individuals and organizations:  For the countries which joined the Hague Convention of 5.10.1961 (without a power of attorney)
legalization of documents by the Department of Justice in Kiev and Kiev Region
legalization of documents of individuals and organizations by the Ministry of Justice
legalization of documents of individuals and organizations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
legalization of documents by embassies
services on nostrification of documents

Documents can be set (received) by train or bus during working hours (8:00 — 19:00)

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